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Living in East Idaho to host 1st annual Mother of the Year recognition.

Who does more for a community than the ones who raise its members? Mothers have a special role in the family. They care, nurture, inspire, teach, comfort.... there really isn't an end to that list. I know much of who I am today is because of the example of my Mother. I know I'm not unique in that and I believe that's why mothers have such a integral part in our community.

They set the pace. Ask anyone and they'll tell you East Idaho has the culture it does because we believe in strong families. Strong families don't happen without Mothers who care.

When I was a young lad my Grandma was recognized as "Farmington's Mother of the Year". I though that was the highest honor she could receive. It's with that inspiration that I wanted to bring that honor to our community. To bring the spotlight back to those who make our neighborhoods the wonderful places they are to grow up. That is why we've decided to host this event in an effort to shine the light on those moms who do so much for us all.

Through the Month of June we will be sharing stories of the mothers that you submit. And the month of recognition will culminate with the "East Idaho Mother of the Year" being selected by our community and honored with a position in our communities 4th of July Parade.

We hope that we can all come together to honor our Mothers this June and help them feel as special as they deserve!